Pastor Ock Soo Park is training leaders to preach the gospel all over the world through various media such as Mahanaim Bible Training Center,
Kenya Mahanaim College, etc with the heart of God in the Bible. Currently, more than 1,000 domestic and overseas ministers, missionaries and local ministers are actively working.


The Chief of Bakers and The Chief of Butler
Rev. Ock Soo Park / Scripture Genesis 40:9~23

The man who fell among thieves
Rev. Ock Soo Park / Scripture Luke 10:25~37

The Woman Caught in the Act of Adultery
Rev. Ock Soo Park / Scripture John 8:1~23

Daniel's Seventy Weeks
Rev. Ock Soo Park / Scripture Daniel 9:24~27


"How can I be sure of my salvation?"

1 minutes Sermon

의롭다 하신 이는 하나님이시니
Rev. Ock Soo Park

요나단의 믿음의 발걸음
Rev. Ock Soo Park